Our companies

Through our Ensemble Innovation Ventures Fund, we work to orchestrate innovation toward healthier communities by investing in early-stage venture companies. We believe wide-scale improvement in health and wellness depends to a significant degree on faster and more expansive innovation in technologies, service models, products, and industry collaboration. We couple capital with access to critical expertise and perspectives to help early-stage companies create solutions that positively impact health and wellness. Below is a list of companies we are currently investing in through the fund.

Aila Health is an integrative virtual healthcare platform that uses advanced analytics to empower healthcare providers and patients to make data-driven health decisions. Aila’s technology uses the power of big data in healthcare and leverages clinical and patient-generated data for preventative care and complex chronic auto-immune condition management.

Basil Systems is a software platform harnessing AI/ML to provide leading healthcare enterprises with cutting-edge analytics and insights. The Basil product is designed to guide strategic product development decisions, improve product and supply chain quality, mitigate product recall risks, and reduce regulatory approval times.

Credo is an end-to-end healthcare digital medical record retrieval platform. The platform offers medical records maintenance and retrieval services through its application, enabling customers to make record-keeping and retrieving simple and accurate with a vision to help at-risk organizations unlock patients’ comprehensive medical records to greatly improve revenue, quality, and care.

KL Owen is an orthodontic system that leverages advanced software, scanning, 3D printing, and digital indirect bonding with patented custom modular brackets. KL Owen’s solution achieves better treatment results, shorter treatment duration, fewer office visits, fewer detailing appointments, and greater throughput for orthodontia practices.

Nexben is a benefits and financial services technology platform working to transform and simplify the way insurance benefits are distributed, promoted, sold, and paid for. Nexben helps facilitate the identification and acquisition of individual health benefit plans by providing a dynamic product aggregation platform and financial and administration services for both individuals and employers.

Proclaim is the world’s first 7-second flosser clinically shown to substantially reduce gum disease. Proclaim's technology uses the latest in digital scanning and 3D printing to create a professional flossing system that is customized to each user’s mouth and teeth and includes 64 specifically located flosser jets for best results.

TruLite Health

TruLite Health is a health equity platform for health systems intended to close the health equity gap for better outcomes of patients and communities, using clinically integrated workflow tools at the point of care.

VideaHealth combines advanced AI of x-ray images with integrated software that improves diagnoses and streamlines insurance claims processing, providing a solution for payors and providers. The company’s AI technology improves diagnostic accuracy of reading x-rays by making the process data-driven, transparent, and reliable thus generating higher rates of correct treatments and payments and improved patient care.

Yes Hearing is a provider of hearing loss solutions intended to improve consumer access to hearing aids, with an innovative in-home and remote care service model. Yes Hearing offers a wide range of leading brand hearing aid products, enabling patient access to healthcare and hearing technologies at a lower price. The company meets the unique and individualized needs of each patient with one-on-one in-person service and virtual care with a licensed professional.

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