Our venture fund

Ensemble Innovation Ventures Fund

Our venture capital platform, the Ensemble Innovation Ventures Fund, catalyzes innovation in these health and wellness spaces by focusing expressly on investing in U.S.-headquartered early-stage venture companies. We take minority ownership positions alongside other institutional venture capital investors in startups where our capital and expertise can serve as a critical springboard to reach market and financial scale.

We believe wide-scale improvement in health and wellness depends to a significant degree on faster and more expansive innovation in technologies, service models, products, and industry collaboration. We couple capital with access to critical expertise and perspectives to help early-stage companies create solutions that positively impact health and wellness. We value the benefit of proximity to the founders we support, so we concentrate primarily on the Intermountain West but keep our eyes open for opportunities beyond our region.

We focus on:

  • Health and wellness SaaS
  • Tech-enabled health and wellness services
  • Digital health
  • Health and wellness industry collaboration and integration solutions
  • Health and wellness products
  • Oral health care innovation

We are primarily interested in early-stage, high-growth companies with $1 million in run rate revenue where we initially invest up to $1 million and maintain reserves for subsequent investments. But we do make smaller initial investments in earlier-stage companies beginning to generate early customer adoption and revenue as we know how important it is to catalyze innovation even before widescale validation.

We typically take board observer seats, but we take board director seats when appropriate. And in all cases, we require information rights.

We are looking to work side by side as investors with entrepreneurs on addressing big ideas in health and wellness innovation, so we place strong emphasis on collaboration with founders and the teams they build, co-investors and syndicate partners, and industry participants. We also look for an immediate chemistry and rapport with entrepreneurs and their teams. We believe our relationships with founders and syndicate partners are long-term, authentic, and enduring.

Over time, we measure our impact by observing tangible evidence of improved health and wellness enabled by the companies in which we invest, and we understand this is a group effort.

We are committed to the important role we can play in expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the venture capital community by making concerted efforts to:

  • Evaluate and invest in minority- and female-led companies.
  • Recruit a diverse team with diverse experiences and backgrounds.
  • Assemble a diverse Advisory Group that reflects the diversity of our communities.
  • Engage with universities in our communities to help build awareness among female and minority students around careers in startups (particularly those in or related to health, science, and technology) and venture capital.
  • Advocate for other participants in our venture ecosystem to make similar commitments.

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